Best & Worst| Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards

In today's blog post, we're asking the age old question. What are the best items to spend your coveted Sephora Beauty Insider points on?! For once, I feel like I am well versed and super prepared for this. Over the years, I've spent my Beauty Insider points willy nilly on every kind of reward item … Continue reading Best & Worst| Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards

Weddings| Canada’s Bridal Show

Bridal shows were one of the many things I was excited to experience when I got engaged. I had never been to one before and always lusted after how fun and glamorous they seemed to be. Luckily, my long time friend and bridesmaid, suggested that we attend Canada's Bridal Show on January 12. It would give … Continue reading Weddings| Canada’s Bridal Show

30 Thoughts on Turning 30

Today I officially exit my twenties and embark on a new decade of life. Today is my thirtieth birthday. Reflecting back, my twenties was where I found myself. I went through an abundance of bad boyfriends, weird dating experiences, stresses of schools, and some substantial career moves. It was in my twenties that I made … Continue reading 30 Thoughts on Turning 30

Weddings| Engagement and Getting Started

It finally happened! My partner and I are engaged! It's been a little over two months since he proposed and I am still in total shock! The proposal was perfect and everything I hoped for. It was done privately in the condo that we share together with roses and a huge teddy bear. I hyperventilated … Continue reading Weddings| Engagement and Getting Started